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Each of the Energy Systems that I have listed on this site will display a brief description from the manual of what that particular system covers.  All of the courses are offered to you as distant learning, correspondence courses. 

You must be 18 years or over to purchase and receive an attunement.  You will also be requested to forward your full name and date of birth to me at time of purchase. 

Payment is made via the paypal button situated at the bottom of the system description.

Upon receipt of payment, the manual for the course will be emailed to you.  You will be asked to read through the manual before arranging an attunement. 

When you are happy with the system, an attunement will be prepared for you via the Chi Ball method.  If you are not familiar with this method of attunement, please ask for additional information to be sent to you. 

If you prefer to receive the attunement via a scheduled appointment, I would ask that you request this at time of purchase.  (Please note. There may be a waiting time for scheduled appointments due to work commitments).  Hours of work are 10am - 9pm Monday to Friday UK time.

A certificate and lineage for the system will be sent to you upon completion of the course. 

There are a few modalities available where I offer a group or individual workshop.  Please contact to confirm availability before purchase.

If you have any questions about any of the Energy Systems, please feel free to contact me via my email address.

This site is updated on a regular basis, please keep checking for new modalities.




Coming Soon

The following Courses will be available soon!!!!!!


Negative Entities Clearing

Protection Reiki Empowerment Now Listed

Telepathy Empowerment Available-awaiting listing

Angelic Senses  Available-awaiting listing

Tibetan Reiki  Available-awaiting listing

Intuition & Enorasis Available-awaiting listing

Intuition & Enorasis Master Available-awaiting listing

Phoenix Rising  Now listed

Anja Activation

Soul Mate  Now Listed

Tiger Reiki   Now Listed

Bear Reiki   Now Listed

Abundantia Abundance Ray Now Listed

Lemurian Facilitator

Lemurian Seed Crystals

New Lemurian Energies

Rainforest Reiki Available-awaiting listing

Ma Heo O  Listed

Lavender Flame of Quan Yin Available-Awaiting Listing

Violet Flame of Quan Yin Available-awaiting listing 

Cerridwen Empowerment  Now Listed

Celtic Reiki  Available-awaiting listing

Celtic Wisdom Empowerment Available-awaiting listing

Ganesha Empowerment Available-awaiting listing

Universal Seichim

Please keep checking for New Listings