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This Months Fundraising is for the UK-GSD Rescue

Dawn of Unicorns is always eager to help charities in any way we can.  We have decided to set up a Reiki Box and anyone who donates to the charities we support will be put into the Reiki Box to receive Reiki.  People or animals can be included, all we ask is that you donate a minimum of £1.00 for one weeks inclusion.  You can of course donate a larger amount if you are able to.  The Reiki Box will run for four weeks and will then be renewed, so for a minimum donation of £4.00 you can receive Reiki for a four week period.

Once you have donated you will need to give details of the person or animal who is to be submitted into the box ie name, address, reason for Reiki.  All details are kept confidential all we ask is that you obtain permission from the person or animals owner to submit their details. Details can be added to the comments box on the paypal checkout or can be submitted via the contact form on this site.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support.




How does a Reiki Box work: For anyone who is unfamiliar with a Reiki Box here is an explanation of how it works.

When a Reiki practitioner has been attuned to level 2 or above they are given within their attunement the sacred symbols of Reiki which allows them to send Reiki by distance and even time to any event. Reiki can be sent to a past trauma, an event which is happening in the future or something in the here and now. The Reiki practitioner charges the box which then holds Reiki energy.

The Reiki practitioner will then create a mandala for each recipient which when complete is placed within the Reiki Box.  The mandala includes the details of the recipient ie: name, address, reason for healing. Also included on this mandala are the sacred symbols of Reiki and the time scale of which Reiki has been requested to be sent. For as long as the mandala is within the box the recipient will receive a constant flow of Reiki. When the mandala is removed from the box a disconnection from Reiki is made and the mandala is disposed of by burning.

Reiki is not only used for healing of physical and emotional issues it can be used for situations and events.  For instance if you are having disputes with family or friends, Reiki can be sent to these situations with the intent of them being resolved.  It can also be used before an interview or be sent back in time to heal trauma that may be effecting you now.  There are lots of situations in which Reiki can be used.






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